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Forward Medical Center Networking Technology Plan



Type of service:
Not specified

Single spacing

Paper format:

Number of pages:
8 pages

Number of sources:
3 sources

Paper detalis:

Please ensure that the paper follows the instructions laid out in the attachment (8-10 pages) and that the rest of the formatting follows the instructions down below. I have seen a few of these on Coursehero and Quizlet so PLEASE DO NOT just re-upload one of those.

• Paper format
◦ Serif font
◦ Single space sentences
◦ 1” margins
◦ Page numbering
• Paper sections and page length
◦ Part 3 review – 8-10 pages
◦ References – not part of page count
◦ Diagrams and images
▪ There is no specific limit on the use of diagrams or images within the report. However, no matter the number of images/diagrams, they will only account for up to 2 pages of the page count requirement for both general reviews.
◦ Appendices are permitted but are not part of page count
Forward Medical Center Schematic

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