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Finish Following TWO Event Management Project

1. Directed Work Project: Individual Assignment:

  • Student will invest a minimum of 6 hours working (and/or planning) an event (cannot be a tradeshow) during the trimester. You may select your own event. Please check in with the professor when determining an event for your project to be certain it is acceptable.
  • The paper must be submitted in proper MLA format. Spelling and grammar errors will result in point deductions.
  • The paper must be stapled with a title page listing the project title, your name, class period and date.
  • You must section your paper as noted below I – VI:

Write World Series of Poker for this assignment. 6—8 pages

2. EVENT RESUME: Project

Plan a detailed event that interests you: Examples: You will be planning the inaugural 5k run/walk for the Cape Cod National Seashore; OR a wedding; anniversary party; basketball tournament or Bilbo Baggins 112 birthday party!

Write a AMAZING Wedding for this assignment. 8—12 pages (included cover page title page)

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