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Final Project Submission: Global Expansion Proposal


Submit your final report documenting your company’s global expansion proposal, analyzing the risks, hedging, and financing, and provide an overall executive summary.

Be sure to review your Milestones One through Three completed in Modules Three, Five, and Seven. Incorporate all the feedback you received from your instructor and address all the feedback for this final project submission.

Also, complete and add Section 3, Part D: Repatriation of Funds and the executive summary.

Refer to the module resources, other course materials, and your own research to support your responses.

To complete this assignment, review the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric document.

My requirements:

I just post my milestone one, two and three as attachments with rubric. I got bad grades about them, respectively. But, actually I also get the feedback from my instructor. I hope you can help me to make big adjustment about the final milestone, using my three milestone because they are the main body of final one. I do not wish you just easily copy and put my three parts together without any correction because there are lots of mistakes I made. By the way, I will keep the right to refund and I also would like to give you more tips if you can solve them in good way. Thanks for understanding.

Please do modify and write the final following the points in rubric, including the words, APA style and other requirements. Specially, there is a template and I also upload it. The final milestone need to be in this template format.

Thanks and Best.

Tips: I upload my three milestone. In the end of them, there is the feedback from my instructor and his requirements. Please do make adjustment following his instructions. Thanks.

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