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Family Vacation Fun

Deliverable Length: 15–unlimited slides + 150–200 words per slide in the notes

Primary Task Response: With the given scenario, create a PowerPoint presentation to present to your family for a fun filled family vacation

Part 1


You are military personnel returning home from a yearlongdeployment. You haven’t really seen or spent time with your family, so you decide to plan and take a family vacation to Disney World. All of the adults that will be vacationing love to visualize what is being presented as a vacation.

You decide to research multiple choices and options to present in a PowerPoint presentation for your family. You also have a pretty good idea of what you would like to do, so you also include all of your suggested ideas from all of your research.

Family: 4 adults 2 children (10 and under)

Using the spreadsheet provided, be sure to include all of the following information:

• Title Page (Family Vacation 2019)

• Where: Disney World

• When: Choose dates between March and May of 2019 with a 8 night stay

• Tickets: Use spreadsheet provided to give pricing and differences in the ticket pricing…

• Transportation: (2 slides) 1 should be various ways to transport family to Florida and 1 should be a choice of the most economical choice of travel to include all pricing for each option

• Where Are we Staying: (multiple slides) You really like the Fountains at Champions Gate resort with their Military rated 3 and 4 bedroom townhomes. Create slides showing what you will get with each townhome and pricing.

• List of all restaurants and activities within Champion Gates

• Select a minimum of 4 other places to stay to include pricing

• Give a suggested schedule for the days of travel, vacation activities (Disney parks) and rest (example on spreadsheet)

• Summary – From each addressed issue, summarize you presentation by selecting and suggesting the most economical choices to planning a fun filled family vacations for your family.

Be sure to include pictures and animations within your presentation. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas.

Part 2

Fill in the spreadsheet

Assume that your family is split into two families of three, and you all are splitting the cost of everything down the middle.Complete the spreadsheet including all of your research and pricing.

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