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EWRT1A De Anza College The Life of an American Slave Analysis

Content: Choose 3 of the following analysis questions, and give comprehensive answers that demonstrate your knowledge of the text (as many specific quotes and references as you can find), your ability to make a position with evidence, and your college level language skills.

Length: 250-300 words per answer. Strive for quality and meeting the objectives above: detailed knowledge of text, argumentative ability, and language skills.

Format: Please double space, size 12 font, one-inch margins. Number your answers, so it is clear which question you are addressing.

  1. Many critics claim that Frederick Douglass fabricated many parts of Narrative of a Slave. Identify some areas that could have been “untrue” and argue if the text is less credible, merited, and valid as a position against slavery.
  2. Examine Frederick Douglass’ philosophical perspective on freedom in different parts of the text from childhood to adulthood, from being broken to being free. Does it change? How and Why?
  3. Analyze the texts use of symbolism and how it enhances the narrative.
  4. Frederick Douglass is inspired and enlightened by reading and specific texts. What is the purpose of including the effects of education and reading in the narrative?
  5. How does Frederick Douglass use logical, emotion, and ethical appeals to persuade that slavery is wrong?
  6. Analyze the narrative arc of the text. What is the overall argumentative and narrative purpose of including the turning-point fight with Covey?
  7. What are the political and personal effects of Douglass’ publishing the book at that specific time? 

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