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ETH501 Trident University Module 1 Internet Privacy Discussion Paper

The subject of Internet privacy is broad and controversial and is the epitome of modern-day debate. The assignment requires research and attribution and cannot be based on opinion or personal experience.

  • Social media posts that lead to an employee being fired
  • The finished assignment will be 1 page long. The reason this is a 1-page paper is to ensure that you spend time and energy learning to research different types of sources, and have a finished product that reflects your voice that is properly formatted using APA. No quotations are permitted in this submission.
  • Goal: Provide an overview of the aspect of “Internet Privacy” you have selected.
    • The following book: Business Ethics: A Stakeholder and Issues Management Approach by Joseph Weiss, published in 2014, available in the EBSCO eBook Collection in the Trident Online Library.
    • A scholarly journal article from Business Source Complete (EBSCO). (See module resources to identify this type of source.)
    • A periodical article from ProQuest Central.
    • A resource found through an internet search.
    • Analysis: In the Appendix of the paper, you will provide feedback on the resources you used.
      • Weiss book: Explain how you found the book in Trident’s library. Assess the ease of use of the ebook.
      • Business Source Complete (EBSCO): How did you know that the article was scholarly? What attributes told you this?
      • ProQuest Central: How was this type of article different from the scholarly one? Explain the process you used with regard to search terms.
      • Internet Source: How did you determine that the Web resource was appropriate for a graduate-level paper? Was the author or source legitimate? Explain.
      • Trident University International’s cover page
      • A 1-page paper with APA citations (one-sentence introduction, body, one-sentence conclusion)
      • The reference list in APA format
      • Appendix explaining how research was done and how sources were chosen

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