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ERAU Commucations and Informative Speech Paper

This is a speech assignment, I need you to fill the planning document that i will upload, and write a script for me to read from during the speech, it should be a 6 minute speech, so three pages double space.

Focus on the attention grabber , the clincher and what ever that is important in the planning document. also transitions should be smooth. Also dont forget in the script to cite anything that is from an outside source so I could say it during the speech, for example { according to the…..}

and add one page of the sources in mla style.

I want you to do the first option, Lot polish airlines crash and the boxing team that was on it, Also use simple language since I am an international student.

My birthday is March 14.

  • Do some research on your birthday. I’d like you to find a historical event that happened on that day, in the year of your choosing, that you are interested in learning more about. Don’t choose something everyone knows about (like 9-11, a space shuttle explosion, etc.) but something under the radar that you find interesting and you think your classmates will find interesting. It could be an war or terrorist attack, scientific discovery, important court ruling or crime, and — yes — a landmark moment in aviation or space (though remember your audience might know a lot about it already, which would make it a subpar topic). Once you have your event, focus your speech on what happened, the immediate impact/consequences, and — years later — what the significance of the event is today. If the event was controversial or political, do not bring emotion into or take a side. Discuss what the point of contention was and why the two sides felt the way they did. This is “informative,” not “persuasive,” although it’s OK to feel like you’re persuading the audience that this is an important and significant event.
  • Find a list of people who share your birthday. Identify someone you are interested in learning more about, someone who your classmates might not know much about but who has made, or is making, an important impact on society or has distinguished him or herself in a good or bad way. Your goal in this speech is to provide information on this person, discuss the person’s journey/accomplishments/crimes etc., and how this person should or will be or is remembered. Avoid making this a boring biography. Bring in only the most important facts. Tell stories. Bring in other voices to give perspective and talk about how important or significant this person is. In other words, make it great!

Be sure there is the potential for audience interest. Even if they may not initially be interested, it’s your job to make them interested by communicating the relevance, importance or interesting aspects of the topic. Research is important; you must use at least five sources(Ch. 11) but I would use more than that. Some of your sources will supply you with facts, but others will bring perspective. Bring in other voices and quote them.

  1. Content must be well-organized for the time allowed; be sure to narrow your topic

adequately, and select the organizational structure appropriate to your topic. (Ch. 12)

  1. The introduction must include a strong attention-getting device (branch out—don’t fall

back on the ordinary) , your thesis/central idea, and a preview of main points you will

cover in the body of your speech. Also, you must establish the audience’s “information hunger” for information you intend to give them. (p.385-6)

  1. The body of your speech must contain logically ordered main points supported by

specific subpoints—eg. vivid images, examples, concrete details, etc. Be sure to

provide clear, smooth transitions between points. (p. 362)

  1. The conclusion should restate your thesis—in different words/phrases—and/or

summarize your main points. You want the audience to remember your speech. Keep

in mind: “A speech is like a love affair. Any fool can start it, but to end it takes

considerable skill.” (pp. 365-6)

  1. You must use at least one visual aid in your speech. You may not use the white

board—i.e. draw on it. (pp. 392-97). Lack of a visual will lower your grade one letter.

  1. Practice your speech extensively; concentrate on all aspects of delivery
  1. Review previous evaluations for my recommendations about areas you needed to

work on or improve. Review your videos.

A Works Cited page of at least 3 sources you used in your research; MLA format must be used

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