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Entrepreneurship, 5 Questions need 100 word min. essay answers.


  1. Discuss how the public availability of the Internet drove innovation in the 1990s. Give at least one example each of a company or industry that benefited and one that was damaged by the advent of the Internet.

Question 2

  • Discuss the three aspects of the Timmons’ framework and how it can be used to analyze what is needed to improve the likelihood of success for a new venture.

Question 3

  • Enterprises engage in business modeling as part of strategy development. Discuss the two major parts of the business model and how they are related.

Question 4

  • Discuss the limitations of market research for revolutionary new products.

Question 5

  • Discuss pre-funding compensation of the founding team, in particular the benefits and issues regarding the use of equity to attract and retain the founding team.

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