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ENGL0101 Purdue Global Unit 6 Mental Illness Among Teenagers Discussion

Compose a Draft Academic Essay

Prepare: Complete the Unit 6 Reading and Learning Activities.

Step 2 Preview the academic essay Assignment.

Post: Write and post your Unit 6 Discussion Board initial post.

Compose a rough draft of your first 3 paragraphs of the Unit 6 academic essay Assignment. Be sure to develop your draft using your own ideas about the change in your field of study you are writing about. Use your own thoughts and observations to explain either what caused the change or to analyze the effects of this change.

Post your first 3 paragraphs, but if you are further along in the drafting process and your draft is longer, that is not a problem. Remember that a draft will have weaknesses, so do not hesitate to post your draft because it is not perfect. You will receive helpful feedback on your draft from your instructor and classmates.

Review: Use the feedback you received in step 2 to help you revise and edit your first 3 paragraphs, write the rest of your essay, and get it ready for submission to the Unit 6 Assignment Dropbox.

Review a sample student Discussion Board post.

Discussion requirements

Initial post should:

  • demonstrate effectively developed paragraphs
  • be on topic
  • be original
  • contribute to the quality of the discussion
  • make frequent and informed references to the unit concepts

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