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ENG112 Northern Virginia Community College Guns on Campuses Analysis

Guns on Campus” National Council of State Legislatures (2015)

“Ready, Fire, Aim: The College Campus Gun Fight” Robert Birnbaum (2013)


“Guns on University Campuses: The Colorado Experience” David Kopel (2015)

“A Bid for Guns on Campuses to Deter Rape” Alan Schwarz (2015)


“Guns on Texas Campuses Won’t Make Them Safer, University Chancellor Says” National Public Radio—Morning Edition (2015)“Campus Gun Control Works” Evan DeFilippis (2014)

Your analysis of these experts’ views on guns on college campuses MUST inform the next assignment and also your midterm exam essay. In these subsequent assignments, in addition to other critical analyses, you will support your arguments with evidence from the above texts.

Write a detailed three paragraph response. Use details from these two assigned articles by Burnett and Dickerson to support your argument.

    • What is each author’s central argument?
    • Identify at least three main supporting details each author uses to back up the main argument.
    • Whose position do you agree with more, any why? Be specific in your response.

    3. Make sure all references and quotation are clearly cited, using the parenthetical form of citations.

    4. Also include a works cited. (Review MLA format.)

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