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ENG102 GMU Understanding Your Personal Context Presentation

I must Get draft by Sunday Night

The Questions you must address in your paper

Your summary should these 4 major points listed below:

  1. What is this study about? •Summarize the Literature Review. What was done before?
  2. Describe the sample and methodology of the study in your own words. •Identify what kind of research method was used (survey, experiment, correlational study).
  3. Overall, what are the strengths and weaknesses of this study? In your own words, describe at least one strength and one weakness of the study. NOTE: you must explain and reference why these are strengths and weaknesses! I don’t want your opinion here — I want you to cite why these are strengths and weaknesses of the research!
  4. How would you improve this study? If you were to do the study over again, describe what changes you would make and why these changes would improve the study. Again, you must reference! You need to reference other research to demonstrate why your suggested improvements should be done at all!

•What remains to be done?

•Why are the authors doing what they’re doing?

•Describe the hypothesis (or hypotheses) of the study in your own words.

•What did they hope to find?

•Describe what they did in their experiment.

•What were the measures they studied? How did they operationally define them?

•What were the data they collected?

•What were the strengths and weaknesses of using this particular method?

In summarizing the article, and answering the questions, make sure to:

  • identify the thesis of the research and the rationale for doing the research — why is it important
  • describe the way in which they collected and analyzed the data
  • describe the major findings of the research (the statistically significant results)
  • summarize the discussion section — tell me in your own words what they found
  • finish with your reference page.

A Note about Summarizing an Article

  • Make sure to cite every idea that is not you own! There should be a lot of citing throughout this assignment.
  • It must be in APA format


Make sure your assignment is in APA format. For this assignment, that includes:

  • Cover Page (but no Abstract is needed as this is not your own research being presented)
  • Reference Page
  • Proper headings, page numbering, font, etc.

Length: Approx. 4-5 pages, not including the separate cover page & reference pages.

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