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EMS3301 Columbia Southern Emergency Services Function Frameworks Case Study


As we have seen in this course, with each disaster, lessons are learned and better preparation and response practices are often implemented. Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy both provided such outcomes.

For this assignment, you will choose two of the five National Planning Frameworks that relate to an emergency services function or recovery support function.

You will conduct research to identify examples where the frameworks were implemented for either Hurricane Katrina or Hurricane Sandy.

For each of your two chosen frameworks, you will explain how state and federal public health laws interacted and whether they succeeded or failed in their implementations during that particular disaster.

Your case study should present an insightful, thorough analysis and demonstration of course concepts, lessons learned, and laws affected. Provide strong arguments and evidence to support your analysis.

Your case study should be a minimum of four pages, not including the title and reference pages. A minimum of five sources must be used and should be properly cited. Your case study and all references should be formatted in APA styl

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