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ELL515 Arizona State University Structured English Immersion Grammar

Compose a minimum 500 word narrative that addresses all of the following prompts.

  • How successful were you in the grammar self-assessment? Pretty successful the second time I took the quiz . Approximately how many did you get correct? 32 (1st time quiz) and 39 (2nd time quiz). Were you confident in your answers or did you guess some? Confident, but guessed on a few. How comfortable were you in answering the questions? I was comfortable with the first group, would need to review second part.
  • Was one of the two groups of questions (Group 1 questions were related to using proper grammar and correcting errors; Group 2 questions focused on grammatical terms) easier for you? Group 1 was easier the first time I took the quiz. Do you think one or the other is more important for teachers? Both
  • Based on your level of grammatical knowledge, how comfortable would you be teaching grammar? Depending on the grade level and the material taught I would feel comfortable teaching grammar.
  • If you consider your grammatical knowledge to be insufficient, what steps could you take to improve? you can type whatever for this section.

** Need you help composing a 500 word narrative that addresses the following prompts. I am adding the quiz I took as an attachment. The answers have the asterisks. I also attached reading and video materials from this week for citations, but can use other sources in APA.

The lesson’s reading

Foundations for Teaching English Language Learners

Chapter 7: Listening and Speaking

Review pages 40-43

Making Content Comprehensible for English Learners

Chapter 3: Building Background (pp. 76-100 only).

OELAS Grammar Basics:

OELAS Grammar Wall Starter Kit

Other sources:

Academic Language and English Language Learners

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