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Project-02 Draft

Please include all elements of a typical formal report. The sentences need a bit of proof-reading ” “The field of agriculture is no proof of challenges” is one example.

Avoid “It’s” etc

Original Assignment Instructions:

Please select one of the following topics and prepare a formal report: ●Big Data in Agriculture – focus on what Big Data is, how is it useful in agriculture and what the mechanisms available to collect and analyze Big Data ●Food Traceability – focus on the importance of traceability in food as it goes from farm to fork, the different mechanisms available to ensure traceability along the supply chain ●Sustainability in Healthcare – focus on sustainability initiatives in the healthcare sector Avoid references such as wikipedia, britannica,,, Use journal articles, conference proceedings, reliable websites and other publications. Avoid copying verbatim from sources. (All pages are 12-pt font, single-spaced and do not include images and tables). You may use double-spacing for your report. However, the content should be equivalent.

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