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Edit an experimental paper, describe an experiment, add data

I already have half of the work done(paper is attached), but it’s done badly and needs a lot of editing. Basically, the paper is an experimental paper which is divided on multiple parts. I’ll attach an example of the completed paper. My paper must look EXACTLY the same in terms of formatting and context (except appendix C. This is the only part which won’t be in the paper). Another thing which will be included is a picture with all topics which needs to be in the paper which might explain the idea more clear.

My main hypothesis for the experiment (needs to be included in the paper): People working at night will have a higher performance.

The idea of the experiment (must be included with more detailed description of methods, participants, procedure, analysis): 2 groups of same GPA college sophomores who usually study during the day hours(from 12PM to 5PM) will be participating in the study. Both groups will be asked to solve basic level math problems. Control group will continue studying from 12PM to 5PM, while experimental group will be asked to do the same work from 12AM to 5AM.

Questions for a survey to find a potential participants (needs to be included in the paper + add possible answers):

1. Are you employed?
2. Are you full time employed?
3. Are you currently enrolled in the University?
4. Are you full time enrolled?
5. What time do you choose to work now?
6. What’s your age group?
7. Is there anything impairing you from doing a physical tasks?
8. How many hours of sleep do you have on average?
9. What’s your gender?
10. Are you able to carry more then 10 pounds?
11. Do you consume energy drinks/coffee?
12. Do you have kids?
13. Do you do physical exercise? (rate it from 1-10)
14. How often do you do physical activity?
15. Do you take any medication?
16. Do you have any allergy?
17. What’s your GPA
18. Is that the only class you take?
19. What’s your major?
20. What’s the highest level of math you have taken?
21. What year are you in?
22. What’s your eating schedule?
23. On the scale of 1-10 how stressed out do you feel on daily basis?
24. Do you take any medication?
25. What’s your ethnicity?
26. What’s your Relationship status?

Information from SPSS for appendix D: is attached

What needs to be fixed in the existing paper :

put a title on the title page
the title and short title should be related to your topic
Abstract: see formatting and add keywords…
APA format: see how to do in text citation, not in all caps and use & within ( ), numerals
The research questions and hypotheses should not be displayed as such.. just include your hypotheses as regular sentences in the last paragraph of the lit review.
“R1 H0 H1 R2” needs to be removed, we are interested in measuring and observing one item ie the one t test we will run
And the most important: there is a TON extra in the literature review that shouldn’t be there. Add more to the procedures so its easy to understand what the manipulation is.

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