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ECO2013 Florida State College at Jacksonville Nudging and Spam Paper

For this paper, you must:

1. Read the article thoroughly AND the questions

2. Go back & Highlight key facts (names, dates, times, numbers, organizations, money, places, etc.)

3. Record the facts on the paper (Section 1)

4. Answer the questions (Section 2 AND Section 3)

5. Make sure you answered ALL points each question asks

6. Highlight every question being asked in each question (There may be more than one question)


Nudging Paper

Attached Files:

Read the article.

Use the 3-Section Assignment rubric in Writing 101 to complete the assignment.

Be sure to view the attachments because that is how this assignment is to be completed. Follow the correct format and guidelines and instructions.

For section 1, list the facts. (Must be 8 bullet points)

For section 2, answer the questions that are found in the article. (4-sentence paragraph format (Meaning only 4 sentences in each paragraph), unless the answer requires a graph or math response)

Section 3, answer the questions from the instructor. (What did you learn about economics doing this assignment?, Why is what you learned important to you?)

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