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Reference:1. Text and materials:

Nies, Mary A., McEwen, Melanie (2015). Community/Public Health Nursing. Promoting the Health of the Populations. (6th ed). ISBN: 978-0323-18819-7

Please I need 700 words. read the instruction for the question. Thank you


Examine infant mortality statistics in the community, and compare the rates with state and national averages. Is infant mortality higher for any particular racial or ethnic group within the community?


Back up your answer with a minimum of 2 evidence-based articles and follow APA guidelines for the assignment.

As stated in the class syllabus, all papers submitted must be in APA format according to the Publication Manual American Psychological Association (APA) (6thed.). 2009 ISBN: 978-1-4338-0561-5

Your discussion questions assignment must include at least 700 words (not counting the first and reference pages) with a minimum of 2 evidence-based references, excluding the class textbook and a non-reliable website such as Wikipedia.

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