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Dominican School of Philosophy Cognitive Changes with Aging Paper

Choose any current event/news story/scholarly article (you may choose more than one) that pertains to chapter four, five, and/or six from a reputable online source and provide the following information in a Microsoft Word or PDF document:

Basics Discussion: Describe the basic ideas and content of your source (i.e. a brief summary) that includes the following: What is the basic topic? What basic ideas about the topic are covered? What (if any) evidence is provided regarding the topic? Provide any information necessary to understanding your source. (At least two paragraphs, 8 points)

Applying/Analyzing Sociologically: How does your source relate to the textbook readings and terminology? Choose at least three examples from the course material that relate to your source. Provide a thorough definition/description of your example as well as a thoughtful discussion of how each example relates to your source. (Five to six paragraphs, 16 points)

All source/s should be properly cited and submissions free of errors. Double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font. (6+ points; if there are a substantial amount of spelling, grammatical, etc. errors or the writing does not reflect college-level standards, more points will be deduct

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