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dissertation 5 pages

Week 4 Grad. School: Choose & Describe due 7/20 by 11:59 p.m. Please include a title for each

assignment. In addition to an introductory paragraph and a conclusion paragraph, one well-

developed, specific, and very clear paragraph must be devoted completely to each of the three areas

listed. In organizing each paragraph, be sure to include a sentence that specifically identifies the

intent of that paragraph. Do not approach writing in this assignment as a “one (or two or even three)

sentence coverage of each topic.” Each of the three areas MUST include well-developed and

thorough content that demonstrates synthesis, analysis, and application.

Note: In choosing a graduate school for this assignment, you must be able to find answers to each

of the required areas that follow. If your “preferred” graduate school doesn’t have that information, you

must select one that does. You also must select a program that specifically requires a version of a

“letter of intent,” purpose, or personal statement essay.

Assignment: Write a “3-5” paper in which you use 5 paragraphs that include an introduction,

conclusion, and a well-developed, specific, and very clear description of the following 3 areas:

I. Do your research! Identify a graduate school and

program within it in which you have an interest in

obtaining a “Masters’ Degree.

If you graduate school does not interest you in the “near future”, consider that at some point you may

change your mind! You will write the paper “as if” therefore.

For example, “back in the day” when I graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree, going on to

get my master’s was the furthest thing from my imagination. I thought I wanted to teach English in

high school, though I had no idea what was or was not required to do so. I didn’t get a full time

teaching job until many years later when I taught at a community college: but I did get hired as a

social worker! I had taken sociology in college but had just one social work class because I didn’t like

the main instructor who I thought was boring. At work, I quickly discovered there were many things I

didn’t know about doing social work–and the first area was in mental health. I contacted people a

great many times in that field in effort to learn more. I was eventually even hired to do that work. I still

didn’t have all the answers of “how to do this”– but I still didn’t consider graduate school. Then one

day the opportunity jumped right into my face and I took it–and though I struggled going to grad.

school full time for two years as I worked full time and had to maintain a family that included a toddler

daughter who scribbled in my textbook, it was one of the best decisions I ever made for my

professional future. Given this assignment as an undergraduate student, I would have struggled and

probably not written it the way I would now. However, I might have learned more about myself and my

commitment to “make a difference” in SOME way! Achieving goals begins with a deep self-

assessment and progresses through an organizing of specific, measurable action steps that direct

you to success in a meaningful plan.

A. Discuss an area in the program in which you would like to specialize, and identify if this program

provides an opportunity for this specialization. If there is no overt opportunity for specialization,

discuss how you would plan to address this.

B. Describe the geographic location and its proximity or distance from your home.

C. Identify contact information including the URL, address, and name of Dean of the school.

D. Describe the research or other “background” interests of at least 3 faculty in the program

E. Identify other Interesting areas to include related to individualizing this program!

Responses 2

II. Describe the requirements for entry into the


A. What specialized testing is required? For example, do they require a GRE or an “MCAT” or an

“LSAT,” etc.?

B. What are the application fees?

C. What is the deadline to apply?

D. How many undergraduate credit hours are required for admission?

E. Identify other requirements and/or related and interesting areas to include related to individualizing

this program!

III. Describe the program’s mission and goals and

how they “match” yours.

A. Describe–in sentences that use italics and underlining for the specific key words or phrases–at

least five key words and phrases the program uses to describe expectations for students. Choose

only those key words that are specific to a program, clear, and unique to their setting. (Don’t forget:

use italics and underline each of the five examples of their key words and phrases.)

B. Discuss how those key words and phrases link directly to your academic and career goals and

objectives. This is a very important section in which it is important to demonstrate strong

critical thinking skills in synthesis, analysis and application!

C. Summarize the content of the program’s letter of intent.

D. Include a summary of your own goals and objectives and what you learned from researching the

graduate program’s goals and objectives.

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