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Discussion Questions

No less than 200words each week

W2 Discussion “Labor Issues”

Labor Relations

Historically, what were the major issues facing migrant labor? Have they been resolved? What role have unions played in addressing migrant workers’ concerns? What issues remain to be addressed concerning migrant workers today? What recommendations do you make?

W3 Discussion “Regulations”

Labor Relations

The United States is one of the most heavily regulated economies in the world. Do we have too many laws or not enough? How does the existence of so many laws and regulations hinder and/or help American Businesses?

W4 Discussion “Globalization”

Labor Relations


Does globalization help or hinder the American consumer? What affect does globalization have on American businesses?

W5 Discussion “Number of Bargaining Units”

Labor Relations

Select an organization with which you are familiar, and determine the number of bargaining units that would be appropriate.

W6 Discussion “Lockouts”

Labor Relations

Analyze the use of lockouts during labor negotiations. For what reasons are lockouts used? What advice would you offer (a) union leaders on how to cope with management lockouts and (b) managers on when and how to use the lockout as a strategic weapon in negotiations.

W7 Discussion “Minimum Wage”

Labor Relations

Raising the minimum wage is continually debated by lawmakers. In fact, the city of Seattle recently raised their minimum wage to $11 an hour. It is scheduled to raise to $15 an hour by 2018. Does raising the minimum wage to $15 help or hinder the American labor force? .

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