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Discussion QA

Before posting to this discussion, read the following case study:

Jayakumar, T., & Tahora, S. (2016). Building a “backdoor” to the iPhone: An ethical dilemma . Ivey Publishing.

After you have read the case, express your views on Apple’s stance and FBI demands using the questions posed in the case (Jayakumar & Tahora, 2016, p. 1):

  • Was Cook justified in his refusal to heed the U.S. government’s demand to build a one-time access to the iPhone retrieved from the terrorists on the grounds of protecting customer digital privacy?
  • Was Apple’s obligation to protect customer privacy greater than its obligation to contribute to national security?
  • What dilemmas did Cook and the Apple management team face in this decision?
  • How could the dilemmas be resolved?

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