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Difference Between cand Employee Training Discussion

Please read chapter6 and chapter7 powerpoint before you do this work. Please write about 250 words. Thank you.

This week you were to review Ch. 6 (employee selection) and Ch. 7 (employee training). These two topics are possibly the two most important topics that HR and managerial employees must consider. This assignment is going to consist of two parts:


Pretend you are an HR manager helping to select the next front desk manager for a four-star hotel in a suburb of Dallas, Texas. Develop three questions that you would ask to a potential candidate and explain your reasoning for wanting to ask each question. Make sure that when you are developing each question, it is permissible to ask and does not potentially discriminate against a candidate, but yet it is a meaningful question that will provide you information to know if you want to hire that person.


Hiring the right employees is important, but training them properly is equally important to an operation. What is the difference between employee orientation and employee training? Is one more important than the other?

Can all employees be trained for a position in the same way? Should they be? How would you prefer to be trained if you were a newly hired front desk attendant?

Once an employee is trained upon hire, will they ever need any additional training? Explain your response.

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