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De Anza College Different Identities and Impact how People Experience Sex Love and Romance?

How do different identities impact the ways people experience sex, love, and romance? How do different identities construct “acceptable” or “unacceptable” performances of sex, love, or romance?

In no less than 500 words, answer the above question using the readings for the week. For full credit, responses should cite Rubin OR Vance, and any 3 of the other 5 readings (Crenshaw, Davis, Garcia, Hernandez, or Naber), for a minimum of four in-text citations in this post. Hint: make sure you have read Rubin AND Vance before starting this post; pay specific attention to the “charmed circle.” (though the readings should for this forum provide everything you need to answer the question).

You must properly cite the readings to receive credit! Citations should look like this : (Author Year: #), e.g. If you are paraphrasing a general idea in the reading, you do not need to include a page number, only author and year. Both direct quotes and paraphrases require citations!


Main Idea – Different identities shape the ways people understand and experience sex.

Historically speaking, people who engaged in “heterosexual, martial, monogamous, reproductive and non-commercial” relationships are good and normal. When people identify differently, they have been prosecuted, discriminated against and even harmed for feeling differently. *** Rubin***

#1 homosexuality (Rubin) – laws, how are peopel discirminated against, how that shaped how people exeprience sex, Ex/ homosexuals = “sex offenders”, this makes people who are homosexuals be afraid of being who they are

#2 sex education (garcia) – how is sex taught in schools? 2 different curricula – absentice plus and ansentice only. How are women treated?– if they ask questions, teachers suspect they engaged in bad behavior. How are men treated?– if men ask questions, teachers think they are just being foolish. How do “class” and “race” play into this — “class” how white children need intervention whereas “Latina girls” are treated with certain “assumptions”

#3 how we should look at sex — Vance — we should keep the discussion open


  • Homosexuality
  • Politics/laws in sexuality — how have laws changed overtime, how does this change the way we view sex?
  • Definitions! Graphic to show “good” middle and “bad” sex


  • Page 163 — sex acts in different cultures mean different thiings

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