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Cuyamaca College Watchmen Novel Rhetorical Essay

Be sure you have read the Guidelines for Essay #2 very carefully before drafting. Please submit a doc, docx, or pdf version of your rough draft here. Use the following highlighting pattern in Microsoft Word or Google Docs, and be sure to use lighter versions of these colors so that I can read your draft. While the final draft must be 1,500-2,500 words, you should aim for a minimum of 1,000 words for this rough draft. Please note that this draft will be graded credit/no-credit and awarded 1 point per 100 words, up to 10 points. Once I have read your draft, I will provide feedback for you (in person, by telephone, via Zoom, or in Canvas, depending on what you choose). More information about that is located in 4.9 Schedule Conference with Instructor. Please indicate in the Submission Comment when you submit your paper, which type of feedback you prefer, and if you did decide to make an appointment with me via the Canvas Scheduler, indicate which day/time we are meeting and which type of conference. If you do not want to schedule an appointment with me, just write “Written Feedback” in the Submission Comments.

  • Thesis Statement=Yellow (Last sentence of introduction)
  • Topic Sentences=Green (Should be first sentence of each body paragraph)
  • Topics or Points of Comparison=Bold (Hopefully, you have one topic for each body paragraph. This should be one word or phrase.

I need the essay to be around 2,000 words, ignore the rough draft part. In the attached pdf, it explains how the essay is supposed to be written, and what each paragraph needs to have.

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