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Customer Profile


Consider the following scenario as you approach this assignment:

You work at a marketing firm and have been asked to create a customer profile for one of the clients listed. Your first task is to create a customer profile survey based on this example. The questions in your survey will help you identify and describe the typical customer. At your client’s store location, conduct interviews of customers using the survey you developed. You then will use the data collected from your survey to create a customer profile PowerPoint presentation that you will submit to your client.


Applying what you have learned from the course readings and instructional materials, complete the following:

  1. Choose a client store from the list to conduct your customer profile survey and interview.
  2. Create a customer profile survey.
  3. Interview 5-10 customers at the client store using the survey you developed. Alternatively, survey family or friends who are customers of the client store you chose. To get the highest level of diversity and variance of the population, you are strongly encouraged to conduct your survey in person at the client store.
  4. Using PowerPoint, create a customer profile with the data collected from your survey. Use graphs to represent the data. Your customer profile must include demographic, geographic, psychographic, and behavioral factors. In addition, include an outline of the Consumer Buying Process.

Client Stores:

Choose one of the following “client stores” and develop a profile for a typical customer:

  1. Walmart
  2. Safeway
  3. Whole Foods
  4. Star
  5. Target

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