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Creative Writing Prompt

You can choose either of the following 2 prompts to write about. I prefer prompt 2 because I can give you ideas of passions that I enjoy so you can write about them but it’s up to you.

  1. Impactful idea
    Describe an idea, concept, or principle you have learned in school that has had significant impact in your everyday life? In what settings has the idea been most useful? How have you or the idea changed as a result of your putting it into practice?
  2. Passions
    Describe a passion of yours that you hope to bring to your future college education. How have you cultivated that passion, and how do you envision it enriching your educational life.

This essay is only to be 800 words long it can be no more but it can be less words. You must write a revision page after the essay of 150 words. I will give further instructions after I choose a tutor.

I’m listing 12 hours however you can take up to 20 hours if needed or less.

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