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Consequences of Reminiscence Gerontology Essay Questions

Hi there,

each question must be answered fully in APA form on a masters level, please use as much empirical data as well as the text I will post below can help. Correct grammar is needed!

1. What is reminiscence?Why do people engage in reminiscence?What are the positive consequences of reminiscence?What are the negative consequences of reminiscence?Do younger adults engage in reminiscence?How does the reminiscence behavior of younger adults differ from the reminiscence behavior of older adults?

2. Discuss how Minister’s account of Ila Harrison Healy informs your understanding of reminiscence.What was the “closure on the most significant relationship” of Minister’s life, that her work with Healy provided?

3. Write a narrative about a life-altering health challenge that has happened to you or somebody you know well.Describe the situation(s), and your response(s) to the situations.What did you/they do?How did you/they react?How did it affect communication with others?Looking back now, what would you/they have done differently?[Ultimately we are working to consider the impact of a life-altering challenge, and consider how people cope with those challenges, and the strategies used for seeking support].

4. Consider Arthur Frank’s claim that “sooner or later, everyone is a wounded storyteller,” and that in these times “that identity is our promise and responsibility, our calamity and dignity” (p. xiii, Preface). The adjectives used to describe how we want our own old age to be, how we want to be viewed as elderly people, what we would find reprehensible about being old create and created language pools from which we fish for words to map our experiences with illness, disease, and/or disability–in short, our encounters with the limits and boundaries of our bodies. Apply Frank’s ideas about/of The Remission Society, the colonization of the body, the “sick role,” and the body’s problems to your sense-makings regarding the use of stories/narratives to map the territories of body changes at any age. Show me how you understand your reading of Frank and our study of communication and aging.

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