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Components of Instruction Planning Presentation

Using the Assignment submission link labeled “Assignment Part 2 – Week 4,” also submit a PowerPoint of up to 25 slides using the PowerPoint template provided that complements the key points of your discussion or lecture topic during instruction. Be sure to incorporate engagement strategies in your PowerPoint slides.

Refer to the Instruction Plan and the Instruction Supplement PowerPoint examples, the Instruction Plan Template, and the grading rubric for more details on what is expected.

A note about submitting this week’s Assignment: Please be aware that you must submit your instruction plan Word document and your PowerPoint to two separate links. To ensure proper and timely receipt of your Assignment, be sure you are submitting the appropriate document to its designated link as described in the submission instructions. Also note that your Assignment is not complete without the submission of both the instruction plan and the PowerPoint by Day 7 of Week 4.

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