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Complete question.

Make sure instructions are followed; write in apa format, please cite sources (4 or more) and utilize the reading material as well and word count should be 1500 or more excluding sources.

Case Study: Labor Relations

Unions, Labor Law, and Managerial Perspectives
Complete the questionnaire in Form 13.2.1 on page 646. Following this step, select three statements and conduct research to gain a greater understanding of these statements in this exercise. Based on this research, cross out any of your original ratings and replace them with “more educated” judgments. Then answer the following question:

1.Based on this research and analysis, how did your perspectives change, if any? Explain your rationale whether your views changed or remained the same.

Case Study: Labor Relations
Organizing a Union
(Note: Write one letter to be used in arguing the union organizer’s role and one letter representing the general manager role in this case). Read the case titled, “Organizing a Union.” Write the following letters:

2. Letter #1: You will assume the role of union organizer and write a letter that argues his position in this case.

3. Letter #2: You will then change hats and write a letter as the general manager and present his arguments in this situation.

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