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Community Nursing


Nies, Mary A., McEwen, Melanie (2015). Community/Public Health Nursing. Promoting the Health of the Populations. (6th ed).

ISBN: 978-0323-18819-7

Chapter 24 (Psychiatric Care and Mental Health in the Community)


After reading chapter 24, reflect on your personal experience interacting with individuals with mental illness.

What thoughts or feelings did these experiences produce?

What are several issues that nurses can advocate for in caring for this special population?


List five topics or issues for which the community mental health nurse can facilitate individual, family, or group education about in the community. Write a summary for each topic listed.

Your reflection must contain your personal opinion (no plagiarism) . If you wish to paraphrase someone else’s thoughts on the topic, follow APA guidelines to cite references.

Answers should be presented in an essay style format and a minimum of 700 words for each question.

APA Format

Arial 12

A Minimum of 3 REFERENCES non older than 5 years ( excluding the book)

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