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COMM100 Movies questions

Watch Outsourced (the movie is posted under this assignment) and respond to the following questions. You may respond to each question separately or you may write one essay that includes your responses to all questions.

1) Based on your understanding of cultural variations, please compare the U.S. American culture and the Indian culture in the following dimensions (maximum 400 words) (40 points):

•Individualism/collectivism (10 points)

•Power distance (10 points)

•Polychronic/monochronic (10 points)

•High-context/low-context (10 points)

You need to define each concept, followed by a discussion of the Indian culture in terms of the cultural dimension. Finally, you need to use examples from the movie to support your arguments.

2) Previous studies have found that sojourners go through some stages while adapting to a new culture. What are the stages that Todd went through in adjusting to the Indian society? Explain these stages and use specific examples to support what stages Todd went through and why he went through these stages. (maximum 100 words) (10 Points)

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