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Columbia Southern Sports Products and Marketing Branding PPT

Presentations will be based on secondary research and will relate the sports articles to core marketing concepts such as

Define sports products, and differentiate between goods and services.

Explain how sports products and services are categorized.

Define branding, and discuss the guidelines for choosing an effective brand name. Define product design, and explain how product design is related to product quality. List the factors that will lead to new product success.

of potential sources might include:

Sports Business News

 Marketing News

 Sport Marketing Quarterly

 AdWeek

 Business Week

To maintain the currency of the presentations, the articles chosen for the presentation must have been published within the past two years. Typically, there is a wealth of potential articles, so try to find an article relating to a sport or issue in which you are most interested. Past presentations have included articles on everything from squash to motocross.

The presentation should include the following:

 Provide an overview/summary of the article.

 Describe the marketing/sports marketing implications of the article.

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