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CM536 Alcorn State University What Are Your End of Life Wishes Essay

Research Paper

(You may choose which paper you would like to research)

1. Select a practice setting that you currently work in or plan to work in in the future (e.g. Hospital, school, correctional facility, mental health agency)

-Identify the disciplines that represent the professionals who help clients with problems, including grieving, in that setting

-Research the scope of practice of the different disciplines either through interviewing team members, going to the web sites of the professional organizations that represent those disciplines (e.g. American Medical Association, Oncology Nursing Society, National Association of Social Workers, American Bar Association) American Psychiatric Association.

-Write a 3-5 page paper about the roles and functions of the different disciplines, how they each address therapeutic needs of clients, whether there is a formal method for team members to communicate and collaborate or whether the disciplines work more autonomously. Discuss the role of the discipline you are training in, in relation specifically to work with grieving clients. Discuss how you collaborate and communicate, or plan to, with members of other disciplines when it comes to grieving clients. (Example: in a school there may be teachers, school adjustment counselors or guidance counselors, school nurse, psychologists etc).

2. Go to the Caring Connections web link listed below. and read the information sheets on how to talk with others about their End of Life wishes, how to talk with your health care provider, and what to do if family members disagree. Write a 3-5 page paper about what you learned from reading these documents and what you think about your own capacity to talk with others about their end of life wishes. Discuss which aspects of these conversations might be the most difficult for you and how you can prepare yourself to have effective conversations with others about their end of life wishes and advance directives.

The link to upload your research paper will be available under the assignment tab.The link will be open from June 10th to June 20th.Once the link close it will not reopen. It must be written in APA style and use at least 3 references.

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