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CJS205 UOPX Week 3 Communication in The Criminal Justice Field Project

Project #1

You are a training officer in a criminal justice agency. You have noticed that new hired officers seem to struggle with report writing. You have decided to provide a tool that outlines the qualities of an effective report in an easily referenced format.

Create a chart or table using Microsoft® Word that includes the following:

  • An introduction identifying some of the types and uses of written communication in the criminal justice field.
  • The main requirements and features of a police report
  • Definitions and explanations of those requirements and features in one or two sentences
  • A summary that explains why the features identified are essential to an effective report, and why an effective report is important in the criminal justice process

Second Project

Read Chronological Writing in Police Reports, located on p. 9 of the Report Writing Activities for the CJ Student document.

Complete the Chronological Writing in Police Reports Activity on page 12. Also, answer the 3 questions at the bottom of page 12.

Format the assignment in a Microsoft® Word document in accordance with APA guidelines.

Second project has a file that has been uploaded.

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