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CJ202 Monroe College Probation Interrelation to Punishment Paper

You will begin your paper by presenting the three journal articles you will use in writing the paper.  You will present a brief Literature Review  of the articles.  If you have a case or newspaper articles that is  relevant to the paper you will summarize in a brief paragraph, each  article.  Be sure to include the title, author and date for each  literature review.  

BELOW IS A BRIEF SUMMARY OF MY PAPER……the article should support this in some way shape and form

Probation and how it interrelates to Punishment

Probation happens to be the most common form of Punishment used in the United States as a means of Punishment for a small offense and to some criminals who served hard jail sentences and was granted parole after serving their time in prison.  I believe that probation is very important to some cases that are lesser offense and to juveniles. As a criminal justice major, I hope to one day work within the cand help rehabilitate children back into society by giving them a second chance. Often, as a society are quick to point a finger, look down upon a person and judge rather than come together to help make a change in the lives of some criminals. This topic is important to me because I have watched some young men and women in my community downward spiral for minor offenses because of the stigma of having a criminal record.  

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