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CIS333 Strayer University Test Out Security PRO Final Certification Exam


Each student gets ONE free attempt to take this final exam. Once you start the final exam in TestOut, your one free opportunity starts. Make sure you are in a quiet place and have a few hours blocked off to take the exam. As in most industry-standard exams, you will not be allowed to return to previous questions. Once you have answered the question you will not be able to revisit and change your response. Be sure to read the instructions carefully. Your instructor cannot reset this exam.

TAKE THE PRACTICE EXAM A FEW TIMES BEFORE ATTEMPTING THE FINAL. NOTE: A 68% is all that is needed to earn the certification. Your actual score will be converted to 20% of the points in this class by your instructor.


I already started the test and spent 30 minutes, I am currently at work for the next week and my bandwidth is really bad and slow. I answered the first 2 questions already total questions 15, you will have a total of a hour and a half to complete the remaining 13 questions. I need someone with Network security fundamentals background to login and complete this for me, I will send loging process once question has been accepted.

Please complete assigment in one sitting it you have a max time of an hour and half once you start.

Thank you

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