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Chestnut Hill College Mirmont Rehabilatation Offer for AA clients Reflection Paper

12 Step Reflection Paper: Attend or research a twelve-step organization such as:, AA, ACOA, CA, ACA, NA, OA, etc. Please include the following within your paper: Describe the Primary Purpose of the 12 step meeting you chose. Detail a brief history of this fellowship. provide your opinion/ perspective before and after the meeting. Are these meetings are effective? Explain your reasoning. How would you rate their effectiveness?
The analysis paper should be no more than 2 to 3 pages in length. Using APA 6th edition formatting, each paper will have a cover page identifying the course, paper title, author, date and instructor. The analysis should be typed and double spaced. The purpose of the exercise is gain a more accurate understanding of one support model for recovery.

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