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Central Community College Evolution of File System Data Processing Paper

“Basic File Organization Techniques” Please respond to the following: Before the computer, most information was stored in paper form. When we needed information, we used to search through the papers. If we knew a date or category of the information we were searching for, we would go to that section in the papers. When we wanted to update or delete some data, we searched for it and modified them or struck them off. If the data is limited, then all these tasks are easy. But imagine library information, information about a student in a school, or banking system data! How do we search for specific required data in papers? It can be a never-ending task! Computers help solve this problem. Research the evolution of file system data processing.

  • Discuss the evolution of file system data processing and how it is helpful to the understanding of the data access limitations that databases attempt to overcome. Also include your understanding of data and information.

File Organization Techniques –

Computer Skills Course: File Management, Part 1 –

PLEASE RESPOND TO CLASSMATE DISCUSSION WHETHER YOU AGREE OR NOT & A DETAILED WHY: I was not old enough to remember anything other than the Dewey Decimal System (DDS) and the Rolodex. The DDS worked great for a typical School or Public Library for finding the reference material, but something like the Library of Congress the DDS is a nightmare. Additionally, you would have to read the article to find the data, or use a microfiche reader. With the introduction of computers and file systems, we could store the information electronically. We could then begin using string compares [c language: strcmp(file content, search criteria)] to compare text in a file to text we are looking for. The method has not changed a lot, but now we have loaded the information into databases to improve responses times.

When I was Directory of IT at a title company we wanted to digitize all of the closing documents as the company was spending a fortune on warehouse fees. We hire a couple of interns for the summer. Their job was to take the boxes of closing documents and use our copier/scanners to scan the documents into “Read Only” PDF files. I wrote a program that would take each file scanned and rename it to the company’s document number and update a SQL DB with the file name, loan number, company document number, and barrow name(s) (These are the 3 ways in which a request may come for the original document). The program would then move the file to a data lake for future retrieval. I created an internal web site for the employees. The internal web site would allow the employees to search (based on their role/AD credentials) for loan documents. I improved the mean time to retrieve a file from 12.5 hours (required sifting through boxes in a warehouse) to under 30 seconds.

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