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CD143 Cuyamaca College Children Development & Daily Health Checks Questions

If you are working in a school setting, share your experiences. If you are not working in a classroom, think about the procedures at your own child’s school or your own experiences as a student.

1) Why is it important to send sick children home instead of letting them stay in the classroom? Share 3 different reasons.

2) Share how the daily health check works, from your own experience. Let us know if this is in your own classroom, or from other experiences you have had. What does the teacher do or ask the parents during the daily health check?

3) If you volunteer in a classroom, have you noticed teachers doing daily health checks? (It is possible to conduct a daily health check very casually, without it being obvious.) If you are volunteering or a TA, you should ask the teachers about the health check and what they do.

4) Have you seen teachers send a child home after noticing a health issue at check in time? If so, how did the parent seem to feel about being asked to take the child home?

5) How can we make sure parents will not be surprised if they are asked to take their child home after symptoms are noticed at the health check? What should teachers and Directors do to prepare them?

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