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case study about marketing

Using Porter’s 5 – Forces Model and other concepts such as ‘Segmentation-Targeting-Positioning’ Analyze the Chinese Fireworks Industry in 2009. Analyze the trends in the industry and evaluate the future profitability of the industry. How should the industry structure and the changes in structure that you expect to see affect the strategy of firms in the industry? Is this a growth or a ‘sunset’ industry? What do you expect the industry structure (5 forces) to be in 2014 or 2020?

here : The ASSIGNMENT(answer the following in 3 pages + + 2 exhibits )

Consider the opportunity to enter the Fireworks business? If you were Jerry Yu, would you invest in a Liuyang fireworks factory? Why? Or, Why Not? (((work the numbers))) What Marketing Strategy should he follow if he does enter the business? Is this a local or a global opportunity? Based upon your analysis, what ‘advice’ would you offer to Jerry Yu?

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