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Business Law

Hoopie Hoopla, age 17, is a street entertainer. Hoopie needed some gadgets in order to

entertain on the street. Hoopie went to Milo’s Music Store and contracted with Milo. The

contract required Hoopie to pay 10 dollars down and 15 dollars per week for 8 weeks for
the purchase of a kazoo, a harmonica, a whistle, and a set of juggling pins. With these
items, Hoopie could entertain and make beautiful music.

Hoopie went to Fall-Mart and purchased a raincoat in case it rained while conducting an
entertainment session. The raincoat is a sport marketing brand with a team logo on the
front and back. The team logo says, “Go Go Binghamton University Bearcats.”
Hoopie paid 5 dollars down and contracted to pay 11 dollars per week until the coat was
paid in full.

Hoopie went to Fast Harry’s Used Car Dealership and inquired about purchasing a car as
transportation to and from the entertainment sites. Fast Harry said to Hoopie, ” Hmmm,
How old are you Hoopie – I do not want to get involved with one of those “capacity”
contracts.” Hoopie said, ” I am 21 years old.” Fast Harry sold the car to Hoopie for 20
dollars down and 50 dollars per month until the car was paid in full.

Hoopie headed for the streets and began to entertain. Her first three performances were
dreadful. No one stopped – no one listened – and, in fact, the people who passed by
actually laughed at and made fun of Hoopie. Hoopie returned home, disappointed and

Hoopie’s Dad Hopalong met Hoopie at the door. Hopalong said, “Oh Hoopie my dear
Hoopie, how will you pay for all those items that you bought during your quest to become
a street entertainer?” Hoopie replied, “I don’t have to pay.”

Discuss – use relevant legal rules and concepts to support your discussion.

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