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business homework

Part One

I want my business to be a southern soul food restaurant that makes sure customers are satisfied and receive food in a timely manner. These are some of the problems that other business have and I want to fix those problems

Start outlining the “Executive Summary” of your Business Plan. See Topic 1 Readings for more information.

Start researching business and industry information to help you conduct a feasibility study and prepare “Section IV” of your Business Plan. See Topic 1 Readings for more information.

If you are writing a plan for a current venture, start preparing “Section III: Company History.”

Part 2

Purpose of Assignment

The assignment for Week 4 gives students a chance to examine their own decision-making process as well as use a creative method to illustrate the stages of the process. This gives students the opportunity to take their real world, personal decision and relate it to their future work and careers.

Assignment Steps

Using the 6 steps in the decision making process, develop a PowerPoint® presentation that discusses a recent business decision in your work or desired career. The presentation should not exceed a maximum of 10 slides in total – that includes the cover page and reference page (if you have references to cite). Review the Six Step process In Contemporary Management from pages 194-199.

Directions: Create one slide for each of the steps and create your presentation with content/details that covers each of the six steps. Your very first slide should introduce the reader/audience to the decision and situation your presentation will cover. Be sure to include speaking notes in the notes section as well. If you have quoted content or references, be sure to include those as well with a reference slide at the end.

Format consistent with APA guidelines.

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