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assignment help needed- describe mexico using the data in excel

In general, the paper is to describe and analyze my work in the Excel. The topic is Mexico. This paper is at-least 5 pages double-spaced.The paper will have at-least five sources but they need not be from academic journals. All sources must be cited properly and plagiarism is prohibited.

  • Introduction(5 pts)
    • Thesis statement of what your interesting finding is and some background. This will be what your paper is about. In other words, make your paper about the interesting finding.
    • Some background about the topic
    • Talk about the structure of the paper
  • Talk about the countries(5 pts)
    • Briefly talk about Mexico. What is it and what is its development index
    • Talk about the similarly ranked countries you include
  • Compare the country to its peers(15 pts)
    • Spend as many paragraphs as possible describing the pivot table and all the graphs
    • You need to describe how is mexico doing compared to its peer countries
    • You need at-least two outside source cited properly (APA Style) that talks how the country is doing among its peers.
    • Reference the pivot tables and graphs as needed
  • Talk about what you found interesting (20 pts)
    • Use as many paragraphs as needed to explain what you found interesting.
    • Use three sources or more to back-up your results, and/or support your arguments. You need at-least three sources discussing your topic cited properly (APA Style). Please feel free to re-use sources from the presentation.
    • You need to reference all analysis you did (graphs/correlations and so on) even if briefly focusing on what is most relevant
  • Conclusion (5 pts)

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