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Aspen University Module 6 Health Issues Among LGBT Paper

Module 6 Assignment:

In this assignment, you will develop two separate infographics (informative posters) to discuss two separate health issues relevant to the LGBT communities. In each infographic you will discuss:

  • What is the health problem?
  • Which group(s) are most likely to be at risk?
  • What social/behavioral/health system determinants affect this
  • Identify at least two potential interventions/activities the community, community health agency, community health nurse could offer to prevent and or support this health issue.
  • What resistance might be met in implementing the intervention/activity?

View these links on how to create infographics:

Please be sure to use the above. Aspen Professors may or may not be able to open other software through D2L. This could ultimately impact your grade.

You should submit:

  • Two infographics
  • One reference list containing at least three scholarly sources.

*These can be submitted as three separate files.

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