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Article Discussion

Read this article about Facebook: Saba, J. (2014, February 27). Facebook targeting market segments within its network of over 1B users. Retrieved from

Answer the following questions:

  • Consider whether Facebook is an effective channel for conducting marketing research. In your answer, consider the potential drawbacks and benefits.
  • What types of sampling methods can you use on Facebook?
  • Considering age, which are the most likely demographic segments to be targeted on Facebook?
  • Could a global or multinational company make use of Facebook? Explain how it could or could not.
  • What ethical issues intervene when collecting data on Facebook?
  • Find two scholarly articles (the CSU-Global Library is a great place to start). One article should discuss the advantages of using Facebook or social media for marketing research, and the other should discuss the disadvantages of the same. Summarize the key points of each article and compare and contrast these articles’ findings or conclusions.

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