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Applying Legal Statues

Find the robbery and armed robbery statutes (they may be termed Robbery and First Degree Robbery etc.) in your jurisdiction (Florida) or one where you may live someday, and give the proper citation using the LII format. Analyze how to apply the robbery and armed robbery statutes to specific situations. Then compare the robbery and armed robbery statutes to the following client situation.

The Bank Robber

Client walked into a bank holding something under his shirt. He went up to Jason Atkins, the teller, pulled out a realistic looking toy gun and pointed it at Jason. He instructed Jason to give him all of the money in his drawer or he would shoot him. Jason believed that the robber had a real gun and handed him the money. The client left with the money and was arrested soon afterwards.

After your introductory paragraph, use an outline format to break down the robbery and armed robbery statutes in your jurisdiction (they may be termed First Degree Robbery, Second Degree Robbery etc.) into the required elements. Then separately analyze whether the client’s situation outlined in the scenario “The Bank Robber” meets each of the elements for robbery and armed robbery in your jurisdiction. Your assignment should be between 1-2 pages long. Do not forget to give the proper cites to each of the statutes.

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