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Answer Questions from chapter 4,5 and 6

Short Answer & Essay Questions:

  • Discuss the 8 steps in change management. Which of the steps do you believe is the most crucial for creating effective change?
  • Why are teams using collaborative tools like groupware and wikis to coordinate their work rather than a communication tool like e-mail?
  • Briefly define the four most common IT architectures. Which of these is a modular system that can be set up quickly?
  • Describe a business process by identifying the input to the process, some tasks associated with the process, the output of the process and a metric that could measure its effectiveness.
  • Discuss the 4 steps for optimizing virtual teams and address the cave and commons approach.
  • What was one of the first things Marissa Mayer did as a new CEO of Yahoo? Describe reasons for why her actions would be appropriate.
  • According to Ford, white collar jobs and blue collar jobs are at risk of being replaced by artificial intelligence/robots? Are there any jobs that are safe from automation • Historically there has been a link between increasing productivity and rising income, however recently this link has broken down. Discuss what may be the causes of this as argued by Ford.
  • Ford briefly raises the idea of a basic guaranteed income. Define what this means, provide Ford’s view and lastly state your viewpoint on the topic.

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