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answer 4 pages of questions

Please do the reading and answer the four questions. You may write one page of each questions. PLEASE USE THE SIMPLE LANGUAGE!! THANKS

Here is the questions :

1.Blockbuster film – why was it important in 70s and 80s – what films were key – Sklar and Schatz – what do it do, at least two characteristics of, how it reshaped the film industry

2.Independent filmmaking – Sklar, Perren – different versions of – characteristics of indie films – when they emerged (Late 60s, early 70s, new hollywood), Bonnie and Clyde, the 90s -Sex lies and Videotape – how it adapted to indie blockbusters – what did it do the film industry in the 90s

3. What is synergy – why is it central to the film industry – how does it related to the way studios are structured now – talk about conglomerate Hollywood – why are family films suited to synergy

4. Think something your own idea. – What “Hollywood’ mean? How to define? How they adapt to challenge? (You can be positive or negative) self-reservation

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