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Analyze the survey result for method and discussion section

Please finish up the paper in method and discussion section only

Research Question: Do generational differences influence the visual perception of the standard of professionalism?

Hypothesis: College students, including millennials and generation z, have standards of professionalism that are less traditional and more inclusive of varying physical attributes whereas boomers and generation x tend to have more conservative views of what is considered professional.


  • Randomize order of picture appearance, make sure first picture is different for each participant, record who gets which pic first
  • Make as quick of a judgement as possible (about 5 sec)
  • Use Semantic Differential Scale(Likert Scale): have participants evaluate their perception of professionalism on a scale from Not Professional to Professional (5 point scale)
  • Each picture has 4 questions

Target Questions:

  • This person is Unreliable
  • This person is Competent

Please check out the files very carefully, every details for result and discussion are in those documents.

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