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The Founder of Angie’s List, Angie Hicks pointed out several ways to stick to her original plan through growth and success of her company. She stated that Understanding the business idea has kept her original plan for her company going. She knew what she was setting out to do and has not wavered from the original idea and understanding that the idea she had in place to help people find good help was the focus of her company. She also stated that hiring good people has helped her to stick to her original plan. Hiring the right people that have the same work ethic as the business owner helps to ensure a growing business. When you have good people working with you and for you to achieve the goal that was set out in the beginning the company has the opportunity to flourish. Angie’s list was founded in 1995 in Columbus, OH and went public in 2011. The company has grown to be huge and very successful.

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